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Manage work tickets and course credentials

SMTI stands for Safety Monitoring Tracking Inventory. Whether attempting to keep track of work tickets for Carpenters and Electricians or course expiries like WHMIS or Fall Protection the SMTI Global app is what you're looking for. How many times has a course expired and you only caught it after the fact? It's an occurrence that happens far too often. Instead, our ticket and credential tracker will warn you before anything expires giving you more than enough time to get your employees enrolled in their courses and keep their information up to date.

Why choose SMTI Global?

Our course credential monitoring is second to none in both functionality and price. We have researched what is currently available and met with top industry professionals to see exactly what is needed. We have custom built this to the requirements gathered from companies across Canada.

  • QR Code Scanning

    Every user is assigned a QR Code. Purchase our weather proof patches and scan anyone anywhere!...

  • Custom Branding

    Brand our app with your company logo. Once logged in, upload your logo, and you're ready to go....

  • Custom Subdomain

    When creating your account a company username is assigned. Access the app through yourcompany.smti.ca!...

  • User Management

    Create administrators, managers, contractors, or employees. Depending on the role different access is assigned....

  • Reporting

    Generate a PDF report with a user's ticket and credential summary to email to any work site....

  • Importing

    Use our custom template to save yourself time and import all of your employees at once....


No download required

To use our app there is no download required. It is built directly on the web and once signed up, you'll just have to login to your custom company domain! Whether iOS, Android, or even directly on your computer, you can access your information as long as you can connect to the internet.

Want to see what all of the fuss is about!

Course credentials subscription pricing

Our course tracking application is setup to be a monthly fee based on the number of employees you require. We want to make sure this is affordable for companies of every size because safety should be front and center no matter how much money you bring in. When each employee is assigned a QR Code for easy access scanning, you have the option to purchase our weather proof patches. Each patch is available for an additional $5 and you can order as many as you want per employee to make sure there is always something to scan when an inspector requires their tickets!

1-50 Users


51-150 Users


151-500 Users


For more than 500 employees please contact us for Enterprise pricing.

What are our customers saying?

  • Testimonial #1

    This has been a lifesaver! Using our spreadsheets it was so easy to miss the expiration of courses, but with this system it will notify us months before so we can get our employees back in the courses and retrained....

    John AndersonPresident
    Read more

Contact for more information

SMTI Global is headquartered in Saskatoon, SK. If you have any questions or would like more information on our product, don't hesitate to reach out!

Email: hello@smti.ca

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